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The Teacher by admin

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Story notes: Story in development

It was the start of a new day, Mr. Wood was gathering his syllabus for his new students. He was a middle aged, English College Professor. The start of a new term, was something he looked forward to every year. Seeing new faces reminded him of when he first started out, but this year was gonna be different for him. Only thing is he didn't know it.

Nina was walking to her new class, she had English with Professor Wood. She had heard he was a great teacher, and what more is that was her favorite subject. Her friend, Marcie was chatting on her cell with her boyfriend, Dan. "So your coming for me after class right?"

"Of course, I will. But what room is it?" Dan was in study hall.

"Room 35, I'm taking English Lit with Mr. Wood." Marcie looked at Nina.

"All right see you after class." Dan hung up. Marcie closed her cell and tapped on Nina's shoulder. "Ever take Mr. Wood's class?" "Nah, but I have seen him before, he sort of reminds me of your boyfriend."

"Ooooh." Marcie smiled.

"Don't even think it." Nina took her hand.

Mr. Wood opened the classroom and people started to pour in. Marcie took a seat near Nina. "Fuck he does look like my boyfriend." "Mmm I know." Nina licked her lips liking the teacher. She never told her best friend, but she had a crush on him. Nina often daydreamed about going out with Elijah on a date but she never had the nerve to do that sort of thing.

Nina was daydreaming when Elijah came up to her, "Can you pass these out to each student." He handed her a load of papers. "Sure, Mr. Wood." Nina got up and began passing the papers out that he handed her. He was speaking while she handed them to people.

Marcie started reading over the papers Nina handed her. It was a course outline. "Ooh Shakespeare, I love it." She muttered to herself. When Nina placed the rest of the papers on his desk, he smiled at her and said thank you. Nina smiled liking that he was so sweet.

When she came back to sit down, Marcie teased her. "I think you have a crush on him." Nina made a face at her cause she knew it was true. As Nina wrote down what he was saying, Marcie fiddled with her pencil looking at the time. Elijah noticed Marcie staring at the clock. He stood in front of her getting her attention. "I'm not over there so stop looking at the clock." Marcie smiled and glanced up at him. "Right."

He nodded and took a seat. " For homework, I want you to write a 5 paragraph essay on yourself. It's just so I can get to know you a little. It's due Wednesday."

Marcie raised her hand. "Can it be whatever we want, are there any limitations?"

"Yeah sure, but keep it clean." Mr Wood raised his eye brow. Nina heard the bell ring and she gathered her stuff. Marcie picked up her papers and put them into her bag. "Hey Marcie, can I come over?" Nina asked not wanting to go home.

"Yeah, but my boyfriend and I sort of had plans." Marcie told her.

"Oh I won't stay long. I know you two wanna be alone." Nina put her bag on her shoulder.

"Ok sure." Marcie said to her. Nina smiled and followed her out of the class room. Elijah saw them go out, for some reason he knew, that student was gonna be a handful.
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