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Skin Change

Nina and Elijah by admin

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Table of Contents

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Marcie was looking at her boyfriend who she had been dating for two years, her best friend Nina was set to get married with a guy she met after breaking up with her boyfriend's brother. She glanced his way as she was picking out clothes for their trip to the wedding party.

"How does this look?" Marcie put the dress next to her.

"Looks good. But I was thinking the last one you showed me was better." Dan was writing down something.

She nodded and put the last dress in her suitcase before zipping it up. After she closed it she sat by him.

"Your speech is good for the maid of honor, but I made a few suggestions." Dan handed her the notepad.

She started reading it. "Love the changes thank you." Marcie kissed him, but it didn't stop there.

"Babe, we need to get going. We're gonna be late if we don't leave now." Dan glanced at his watch.

"You sure, bringing your brother is a good thing?" Marcie gave him her bag.

"He wants to come and wish her well. I asked Nina she said it was fine." Dan said.

"Dan, if I were him. It would break my heart. He may be stronger than me, but there's still love there. I know it because he didn't want to break up with her. She loved him, but she needed to go to school." Marcie felt a bit sad.

"He's a big boy. Come, you got anything else." Dan asked.
Marcie shook her head. "No that's it. I'll put the speech in the bag." She ripped off the paper and put it into her purse.

Elijah was looking at a photo of him and Nina. He was wiping his eyes after remembering there last time together.


Nina was kissing Elijah, holding him close. "Sweetheart, you're gonna miss your flight." Elijah said to her as he pulled away.

"I love you. I don't wanna go." Nina said.

"You must, you got that scholarship. Make something of yourself, then come back to me." Elijah said leading her to the gate.

She nodded and she took her bag and went to the plane.

Afterwards, he eventually got a call from her and she told him she had met someone. It broke his heart so bad. He cried for weeks. His brother's girlfriend, Marcie invited him to dinner several times but after he just stopped going.

Elijah heard the horn of his brother's car. He got his bag and locked up. He smiled seeing Marcie come up to him. She hugged him, "How you holding up?"

"I'm fine." He smiled.

"Liar. You've been crying I can tell." She hugged him close as they walked.

"Just a little." He seen his brother.

"Hey, you wanna take shifts driving?" Dan asked.

"Sure." Elijah said.

He put in his bag and Marcie got back into the car. Once Dan drove down the street, she looked into the mirror.

"You know you look beautiful the way you are." Dan said.

"No, I don't. I look like shit. I got a zit here." She frowned on that.

"You guys are lucky to have each other. When are you gonna propose to her. You've been dating for two years." Elijah asked as he snapped on his seat belt.

"Yeah when are you gonna propose?" Marcie looked at Dan.

"Uhhh soon." Dan said out of nervousness.

"Elijah your brother loves the sex. Maybe if I took it away he would do it sooner. Just so you know it starts now." Marcie said.

"What starts now?" Dan asked.

"I am not having sex with you until you can commit." She told him.

"We are dating. Isn't that a commitment?" He looked over as he drove.

"Yes, but come on. Be real, I want a husband. I want babies." She rubbed his thigh.

Dan turned red. He was overheated as he drove. He gulped at her hand on him. Elijah giggled at them.

"Ah come on be fair, don't give him a hard on while he's driving." Elijah laughed.

"Elijah can you pass me the cd case. I wanna listen to some music." She glanced at him.

"Yeah where is it?" Elijah looked around.

"Dan's bag, the black one with the blue keychain." Marcie turned.

Elijah found it and opened the bag, inside he found the cd case and handed it to her. In the bag, he smiled. "Guess my brother won't need these condoms."

Dan made a mean face. Marcie laughed, "Mmm he might get lucky you just never know."

She opened the cd case and put on a cd, Dan liked the cd she put in. He hummed as he drove. Marcie liked hearing him sing. About midway Elijah took over. Dan was sitting in the passenger's side and Marcie was asleep in the back.

"Did you get the thing you were gonna get her?" Elijah asked.

"Yes. Lucky, I did. Now that she is withholding sex from me. " Dan laid back.

"I miss, Nina. So much. I hope this guy was worth breaking up with me." Elijah gripped harder on the steering wheel.

"Look, if you wanna leave early. I'll understand." Dan said a loud.

"You still love her?" Dan wanted to know.

"Every day." Elijah said as he looked far ahead. "Is that the place?" Eli said.

"Yeah that is the place." Dan looked at the address.

"This guy rich?" Elijah saw the estate.

"No clue, brother." Dan took off his seat belt after his brother stopped the car.
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