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Halloween was just around the corner it wasn't Dan's favorite time of year, but he did like dressing up and pretending to be someone else. He looked in the mirror staring at his outfit.

Marie smiled. "Looks good on you Christian." She touched his back.

Dan put his hand on his fly. "It fits, but I still don't see why you want me to dress as this Fifty Shades of Grey character no one wants to see me in this role."

Marie leaned up against him. "I do."

Dan chuckled. He had promised to dress as Christian Grey as a promise to her for missing out on her birthday. He turned around as his blue eyes stared into her green eyes. The red mask she wore stuck out from her outfit. “If you’re gonna be my Anna shouldn’t you wear something else?”

Marie took a step back. “You mean like a blindfold, whips and handcuffs? That’s later tonight.” Her brown hair surrounded her face, but those eyes of hers always had more than they were telling. Dan reached out and caressed her cheek.

Marie looked directly at him. She was happy to have him home for once. It was for her the first time he actually stood still. “You’ve missed me haven’t you?”

She took his hand. “Its not easy going to school here and you being all over the country. I’m going on my second year of college and all I managed to see of you is your movies. I want more Dan. I want a family.”

Dan let her go. “Its not that I don’t want to. I really do. I love you, but the timing is all off.”

Marie closed her eyes. “Someday you’re really gonna regret it. You have me now what if someday someone else steps in then all that wasted time. Well it will just be gone.” Marie ran to the other room and slammed the door.

She removed her costume and went to the shower turning on the water. The warm water ran then she stepped in. A memory came to her as she closed her eyes.

Halloween 1994

Dane was walking in his Lord of the Rings Frodo outfit he glanced at the girl he had taken a liking to. Marie was dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She had seen Dane stare at her from afar. He was a nice boy, but he was always teased cause of his looks the wavy hair, the glasses, the weird voice since it was deeper than most. For Marie she kind of liked him, but his mother well she wasn’t so nice. Not like he was.

He was at the table eating as he stared. Marie walked up to the table. “Hi Dane.” He giggled. “Hi Marie.” She looked at his costume. “You’re kind of tall to be Frodo, but I do like the costume.” Dane was happy she was talking to him. “Thanks. I made it myself.” She took his hand. “You wanna be my date for this thing. I asked a guy, but he backed out.”

Dane was shy as she pulled him along. “Sure. I would love to.” Marie held his hand as they walked through the party. Nina saw her friend Marie. She was dressed as a witch. “Hey you look nice.” Marie hugged her. “Thanks. Hi Dane.” Nina said and shook his hand. “Hi.” Dane was happy to be noticed for once. He looked at another person coming toward them.

Marie looked at Elijah he was dressed kinda weird. “What are you a garbage man?” Elijah was dressed with paper bags on him like some kind of suit. He made a face. “No I am paper bag boy.”

Marie nodded and laughed. “Okay.” Elijah looked at Marie. “So its just us.” Marie looked around. “Pretty much. Elijah, I would like you to meet Dane.” She introduced him.

“Hi, I’ve seen you around right? Science major?” Elijah asked.

“Yes I am also working on a graphic novel for a comic book see I draw and I wanted to make it something different not the gory stuff but sort of classic like old school stuff. I am almost finished with it.” Dane explained the project he was working on for his design class.

“Sounds interesting. I’d like to take a look sometime I love that kind of stuff.” Elijah said as Nina got closer to him.

“Really ah that’s great. I’d love to show you.” Dane was amazed.

Marie looked at the couch. “Let’s take a seat.” Dane sat down and Marie sat close to him. She took his arm and put it around her. He was nervous never having been with a girl before. “Marie why me?”

Marie looked up at him. “What?”

Dane was nervous. “Why ask me to be your date?”

She took a breath. “Cause I knew you never would ask me.” Marie brought him closer and kissed him. Dane looked surprised when she kissed him. He liked it. The hot weather made her sweat and she knew what she wanted from him. She got up and held her hand out to him. He took it and followed her. Up the stairs they went, Marie saw an empty bedroom and pulled him in.

Innocent Dane stood there in the dimly lit room. He started to speak when Marie kissed him. She glanced up and undid his cape. She put it on her and turned around. Dane didn’t know what was going on but he heard her speak. “I’ve seen you often stare at me. I wanted to know what you felt like. How you smelled, what you liked, but you never came to me.” Marie was taking off her costume. Dane seen her dress fall. She turned toward him. “How long you gonna make me wait?”

Dane saw her in her bra and panties. He swallowed as he just stared. “Wait for what?”

“Take me, take me as your first.” She started on the buttons of his shirt.

Dane eyes lingered on her lips so he kissed her softly and she pulled him to the bed. He was kissing her and she moaned. “Be my first as well.” Marie removed her bra and he just looked. He reached out and grabbed her breast. She took to removing his pants, but he stopped her. “I want to so much with you.”

Marie laid him down. “Just relax.” She laid on his chest as he watched her in his cape. He could feel her naked body on top of his. Dane was completely naked as she rubbed against him. Marie got close to his lips and kissed him. He put his hands over her and grabbed her closer. Dane’s eyes changed as he pulled her down. He smiled as he took his erection and shoved it in her. Marie’s mouth opened up as she felt him. Her face was different as he kept going. She watched him above her taking her making her feel so dirty and yet so happy. “I love you.”

Dane didn’t utter a word. He grasped for air and as he did it came hard and fast. Marie felt him and took one last breath as she reached that orgasm she always wanted. She put her arm around him. He laid right on her chest. He was breathing hard.

Marie closed her eyes and Dane did as well. Once he laid by her side. He felt loved and wanted. Never had he felt like that before. All kids at school teased him, but Marie she was different. She loved him.
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