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Skin Change

Lust by admin

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It was like any other day for Ryan Newman, the alarm clock woke him up but like usual he had nothing to do. As he got up he seen he had a new neighbor across the street. She was pretty and definitely not like Jenna but better. His blue eyes drifted on the brunette as he watched her water her lawn. Feeling he was not alone Wilfred was wondering what he was looking at. "I see your watching that girl there. But do tell me, are you happy to see me?" Wilfred teased him. Ryan looked at him wondering what he was talking about until he looked below. "Oh god." Ryan hid his erection and went to shower.

In the shower he did his daily routine. Most of the time, he showered regularly but days like these required a bit more. He was thinking of that pretty brunette while jerking off in the shower. Ryan didn't even know her name but he was interested. Hearing the doorbell ring he went to turn off the water his erection still stood. He wrapped a towel around himself. "Hold on, I am coming."

When he opened the door it was her the pretty brunette he seen earlier. "Sorry I was in the shower." He smiled stupidly.

"Oh sorry, my name is Nikki. I'm your neighbor across the street and I've met everyone except you. Everyone's been so nice, but I came to ask if you have any sugar." She saw his body and immediately she began to think things she hadn't thought of in a while.

Wilfred greeted her and she petted him behind the ears. "Cute dog." She came inside and as Wilfred teased Ryan he pulled at the towel he held. Nikki, saw his bodily features once the towel was pulled free. She blushed. He seen her, "Umm let me go change. The name is Ryan by the way."

"Don't go." She said to him.

"But I am naked." He said to her.

"I'll join you." Nikki said and she begun removing her clothes.

He watched her thinking that this wasn't happening not that he wasn't happy he was but had never suspected anything like this. Nikki had a small secret before her move, she was a girl with a real problem. Her ex-boyfriend was a nice guy, but over time she had a obscene problem with sex. Her ex use to call her a nympho. Which in all honesty she was. But seeing Ryan standing there with an erection had made her want him no matter the consequences she wanted him.

Once she stood there completely naked she took his hand placing it on her body. He felt her skin and immediately she kissed him. Ryan didn't know what much to do so he leaned closer and just let it proceed. Eventually they made it to his bedroom and he experienced more sex than he could ever contemplate. Nikki had liked him. Being that Ryan was just her neighbor she had to remember what she was getting into. Their sexual encounter wasn't suppose to happen this quick but it had. Once they had several runs she kissed him and let him be as he fell asleep.

She smiled as she stretched, on her way out she saw his neighbor Jenna. "Hey Nikki. What are you doing in Ryan's house."

"Jenna, I made a mistake. I did this before. I am so stupid." Nikki said to her.

"What did you do?" Jenna was curious.

"I think I just screwed your neighbor Ryan senseless. It was just that he was naked from coming out of the shower to answer the door and I couldn't resist. I wanted him, I needed him." Nikki told her.

"Oh. Well I am sure Ryan can be a big boy. To be honest, I really would like to see him with someone. To make him happy." Jenna got her bags.

Nikki nodded. "I gotta go. See you later."

Nikki went home and seeing how she still needed sugar she just stood home. A few times she had looked out her door seeing if Ryan would appear when he had she seen him coming over to her place. She hid her face in a blanket, pacing. Hearing the knock on her door she answered it.

"Hi Nikki, you left in a hurry I forgot to give you the sugar you asked for." He said to her.

"Uh thank you. I am sorry for what I did. I am just a mess. Why don't you come in, I'll explain." Nikki let him in.

He came in with Wilfred. She loved how they were always together. "Does he follow you everywhere?"

"Occasionally. He's sort of the only true friend I have." Ryan explained.

"Ryan, what I did. I am sorry I mean I really liked it. But I have a problem you see, I love sex. I love it a lot and occasionally I get to the point where I need it all the time. I'm a nympho, Ryan and I apologize for any wrong doing I may have caused." Nikki said.

"Nah, its okay." He had a cute smile.

"I'd say go for it. You masturbate all the time. She needs you and you need her." Wilfred said.

Ryan looked at him, "You got a point."

"Got a point in what?" She didn't understand.

"What I meant to say is you got a point see I don't have a girlfriend and there's sometimes when I could really use one. I think if you need it, I'll provide it till we either get tired of each other or something happens where we split." Ryan got closer.

"You mean you wouldn't mind?" Nikki asked.

"As long as there's no weird stuff." Ryan laughed.

"Like a dominatrix? I don't do that occasionally I'll handcuff you but that's the limit to what I do." Nikki was truthful.

"Ok I guess I could do that." Ryan agreed.

"Do you like certain things done?" Nikki glanced at him.

"Like what?" He was curious.

"Like me getting on my knees and giving you the best blow of your life. For some reason, I always had skill on that." Nikki shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe you know how to please your man." He got closer.

"Did I please you?" She looked into his eyes.

"Yes." Ryan placed his hand on her.

"Would this be just a sex relationship or would you like to date?" Nikki looked around as she itched her leg.

"Would love to date. I only had one girlfriend from before and another who was a bit off." He said.

"I had boyfriends. My last one thought maybe I needed to get out and see the world. Turns out he got out and went on his own leaving me alone." Nikki shrugged her shoulders.

"Sorry to hear that. We should go out." Ryan said.

"Or stay in?" She took his hand.
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