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First pics from Sitges for the Grand Piano

Sitges 2013 kicks off with Grand Piano and anticipation for the arrival of Terry Gilliam

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Sitges 2013 has already started and it has accentuated the excitement aroused by figures such as Elijah Wood, Terry Gilliam and Eli Roth, who walked the red carpet at the opening session this evening. Grand Piano, directed by Eugenio Mira , opens the festival, which this first day was also played by the War of the Worlds exhibition, sponsored by Gas Natural Fenosa and honors the legendary novel, radio broadcasts and films.

The 46th edition of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia opened today with the presentation of the film by Eugenio Mira Grand Piano. Angel Sala, director of the festival, said the festival focuses on film Catalan and Spanish, and he believes that there are plenty of good ideas, alluding to Grand Piano as well as other productions of Catalonia and the rest of State that pass through the screens of Sitges 2013. Meanwhile, Elijah Wood, who repeats the festival, said that it found “at home.” He also mentioned the value of his experience filming in Barcelona, ​​despite the challenge has been starring in a film like Grand Piano. The director Eugenio Mira, spoke of the importance of the role of producer for potential film projects, and Rodrigo Cortes thanked the commitment made by his figure as a filmmaker.

The red carpet of the Festival saw other faces expected, like Eli Roth or Terry Gilliam. Indeed, several events tomorrow Gilliam star in Sitges. In addition to being the latest, The Zero Theorem, the former Monty Python will give a press conference and master classes open to the public.

Source: Sitges (Translated by Google)


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