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Fifteen Years – Marcie Lucas


Marcie Lucas, Fifteen years as a celebrity blogger

“It’s hard to say something you’ve done has been a happy time in all that you do, but it hasn’t.”

Hi, my name is Marcie Lucas owner of the Simply line: Simply Daniel Radcliffe, Simply Dane DeHaan, Simply Elijah Wood, Simply Leonardo DiCaprio, Simply James McAvoy and Simply Mitchell Kummen. Years back you probably wouldn’t have known who I was. My first website was based on James Cameron’s Titanic back in 1999. I was lousy at websites I didn’t know what html was or php and I couldn’t even do a graphic. I had to use free graphics from other websites. When people started complaining that I was claiming something that wasn’t mine. I said to hell with it. I am gonna learn on my own. It was hard, as I didn’t know anything at all. My first graphics were horrible. That’s the honest truth.

My boyfriend, Anthony Lucas who is now my husband taught me so much, made me learn the hard way to learn html code through Netscape composer. He got frustrated and got mad at me several times. Yes, I can be stubborn. But after that long time of trying. I’ve finally began to understand. From there I went off on my own and I can’t believe I’ve done it for so long, what started as a side hobby began to be much more. The realness of it hit me, when I received a email from Steven Rea, Film critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer . I remember the call that morning, hearing everything at the newspaper in the background it was exciting for me to be interviewed on Leonardo DiCaprio’s coffee venture. But things did not stop there. Graham Norton, a television show in the UK emailed me one morning. I was dead tired, stood up all night and replied. The email had been blank so contacting whomever it was as I did, I waited. They mentioned that they wanted to use Simply Daniel Radcliffe for their show to show to Dan. I was saying to myself, “Sure why not.” I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t know what they were going to use until after. I was blushing when their recording was aired. I was like, “Oh no, not my writing. Daniel was never meant to see that.” But I got to see the reaction on Dan’s face. God to think of what he might think of me personally. I don’t even wanna know. And to think of all the autographs he’s done for me without never knowing who I was. He’s special to me for many reasons. He’s helped me through my darkest times.

I’ve gotten lucky to promote films for my favorite actors and all the companies and promoters out there for giving me a chance to do this for them is a wonderful privilege. I’ve worked very hard sometimes not eating, staying up all hours of the night and sometimes not sleeping at all with being a full time mom to three children. You can see all of my work was not in vain. People might think I got it easy, that’s not the case because ten years ago I didn’t have any of this. I tried so hard. But it was the fans who made me a better person, the fans at Simply Daniel Radcliffe for caring about me. Who since the incident in 2012 have been a pleasure to know. Suicide for me has been with me since I was fifteen. I think about it all the time even now. But something changed after the fans showed me I am more than a website. The people at the Trevor Project whom I wanna thank for being so kind. I would say more, but its personal so I’ll end it on that.

I’ve learned so much since 1999. The first time I worked on a new actor, Dane DeHaan. I liked his personality and his acting. While working on him I started a process. A process I now do for all actors I work on. I’m not telling you what my process is, but it gives me firsthand knowledge of who they are and why they chose to become an actor.

The newest site I’ve worked on is Mitchell Kummen. Horns for me is special not just cause of Daniel Radcliffe, but because of Joe Hill. I’ve been a fan of his father, Stephen King for so long. It gave me the love of horror movies and to be a writer. Yes I love writing, Dane DeHaan acting out my writing on Comedy Central was a total laugh. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was I was like, “Oh no not again.” But he did good playing the Dane I pictured in my writing. Thank you, Dane for having the courage to pull off my crazy writing.

Mitchell Kummen was a new start for me, the youngest actor I ever worked on was Daniel Radcliffe during Potter. Since then no one else that young has been in my life. For those of you that don’t know Mitchell, he’s a wonderful young actor in Horns as the young Ig Perrish. Mitchell was a project I took up because he impressed me with his acting in Horns. I don’t do websites just for anyone. I have to connect with an actor to do a website in the first place. He reminded me a lot about my own children. My daughter who is his age and my son. He needed to be known to people. That’s what I felt in my heart. He will probably be the last I ever do and I wish the best for him. He has talent, I see it. Just like I did with Dane DeHaan. And that’s why I built my websites, the men who gave their talent for us to see and made me who I become. A devoted fan, graphic designer, and web designer. A person who didn’t know a thing and learned so much.

Thank you to all the people out there who have followed me, gave their support and believed I could do this. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you. Today, I celebrate fifteen years!

Marcie Lucas

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The New Potato Interview


Thanks to Elijah Wood’s facebook, he posted a new article. Photos were taken at Mother Dough, a restaurant based here in Los Angeles.

When we asked Elijah Wood for restaurants he’d like to be photographed at in Los Angeles, he took some time to decide. The actor is a foodie at heart, and after much deliberation decided to take us for Neapolitan pizza in LA at Mother Dough, his favorite.

Wood’s most recent project, a thriller called Open Windows, was released this past Friday, and us fantastical potato-heads of course couldn’t help but still be starstruck by the lead of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. After wrapping up Wilfred, Wood has a number of projects in the works, one being eating his way around LA – and the rest of the world (he was off to Istanbul the day after we sat down with him). Peruse the interview for his favorite food haunts, LOTR memories, advice from Peter Jackson and pre and post shoot habits…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

There are so many different combinations that I could choose that would make for an ideal day of eating. I’ll choose one city: Austin, Texas.

Breakfast: Breakfast taco with chorizo.

Lunch: Smoked Duck Pastrami sandwich from Noble Sandwich.

Dinner: Ramen Tatsu-Ya, where I’d order a Munchie Katsu Slider (I dream of this) and Tonkotsu Original ramen with a Spicy Bomb.

A pre and post shoot habit that hasn’t changed since your LOTR days…

I don’t really tend to have a strict habit that I stick to before and after shooting. Pre shooting tends to be about preparation. Post shooting, once home, I become a bit hermetic for the first few days to decompress from the experience.

Read More at The New Potato

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Herring & Herring

Herring & Herring: Framed is coming out in September and it features Elijah Wood on the cover!


Herring & Herring magazine is an image-lead biannual publication consisting solely of conceptually based fashion and portrait photographs shot exclusively by photography duo Herring & Herring. The upcoming issue, Framed, focuses on notable entertainers from various industries. The eclectic mix of subjects includes Beyoncé, Elijah Wood, Fred Armisen, Gina Gershon, Gavin Rossdale, Lars Ulrich, Kelly Osbourne, Marton Csokas, Vincent Piazza, Davey Havok, LP, Luke James, William DuVall, Tim Simons, Amber Tamblyn, and Teddy Sears. Although the issue is distributed through newsstands, it reads more like a coffee table book than your average magazine.

Herring & Herring: Framed will be out on newsstands worldwide in September 2014 and is available for pre-order starting August 1st. Here is a link to our website where you can preview the magazine: