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Guest Post: Jacob

We have a guest post today by Tobiasz Legieżyński who is from Poland. He wanted to tell you about his brother Jacob. Since they are not fluent in English I’ll write my best to post their replies.


Jacob has leukemia. But he has been fighting this disease for 10 months. He feels better, but his comfort is not too good. I was thinking that can you do something for him? i don’t know what but I hope that you help me to make him happy. He very likes Elijah Wood.

To help Jacob I offered him a post on our site and I asked him a couple of questions and here are his replies to each question I asked.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi,i’m Kuba (Jacob) and i’m from Kraśnik Górny (small village in Poland). I’m love to play football and computer games. I watching movies every day.( now he can’t go out, so he is lies in his bed). I like to dress myself nice.

Why are you interested in Elijah Wood?

Elijah is awesome actor! And Green Street Hooligans is for me one of the best movies.

What made you contact our site for your story about your brother?

I was ask my brother who is his favorite actor/actors. He listed some actors and the Elijah was on the list,so i write to you.

If you could tell Elijah one thing what would it be?

Hi.I’m your little fan from Poland. I love your role from Green Street Hooligans and of course from Lord of the Rings.I very want to meet you, but i know that this is impossible. However i’m very want to have your photo with your autograph! Elijah Wood you are great!

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies if so what is your favorite?
My favorite part of Lord of the Rings is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

You went through a lot at such a young age. What’s one wish you would want?
He will get a PS3 for Christmas, but we haven’t any games. I think that he wants some games. He also would like an autograph of Elijah. And of course candy.

Thanks to Tobiasz and Jacob, for allowing me to post their questions and story. I hope that Elijah sees this and hope someday he gets that autograph he wanted. <3