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Site Changes

Dear Visitors,

Some changes have been made to Simply Elijah Wood for the upcoming EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. The changes are listed and explained below.

Privacy Policy
We now have our own Privacy Policy! We have always had a privacy policy through our host, but we have just added our own to fit our custom needs. The link has been displayed publicly in the Footer of the site. You can read the full Privacy Policy at the following link.

Cookies Policy
We now have a public link to what cookies we use and how we use them. If/when you fill out our contact form, we collect your name and email to reply back to you and address you properly. Simply Elijah Wood also collects the number or visitor we receive. This is just for admins to see and let us know what reaches our audience better. No information you provide us is taken or given to anyone without notification and consent. You can read the full Cookies Policy on our privacy policy.