Grand Piano

We finally got a trailer for the Grand Piano and a bigger poster. You can view the poster in the gallery and the trailer down below.

Hard work, worth it

I’ve been familiarizing myself with Elijah’s filmography and have been researching images dates and photographers. Its no easy task. I’ve spent a lot of time on this. I’ve tried to find a site that was somewhat complete and only found two worth reading from. But I am working on my own and adding stuff those sites never had. I was reading if Wilfred will have a Season 4. So far. It all comes down to ratings. If they get good ratings for the season finale chances are we will get a season 4, but if not I need not tell you the latter. I’ve been watching the show and have enjoyed it.

Calendar thanks to Adair.


Lots of work

Today I did lots of work on this site, we added a few captures to the gallery. I put up a fan fiction archive and put some of the stories I’ve been working on. A friend of mine is helping me so thank you so much to Adair. I am getting this site organized so bare with me. It’s coming along quite well.