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The documentary details the unprecedented coordination of journalists from around the world working in secret, at great personal risk, to expose the largest data leak in history: a global corruption SCANDAL involving corrupt power brokers, the uber rich, elected officials, dictators, cartel bosses, athletes and celebrities who had used the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca to hide their money.

The story cracked open a hidden network of tax evasion, fraud, cronyism, bribing government officials, rigging elections, and murder. The Panama Papers strikes at the heart of the biggest themes of our times; income inequality, whistleblowers and corrupt power-brokers manipulating world governments and big business.

The documentary was directed by Alex Winter and produced by Glen Zipper. Executive producers are Laura Poitras and Charlotte Cook. Voiceover by Elijah Wood. Bungalow Media + Entertainment & Field of Vision are the production companies.

The broadcast premiere is on EPIX at 9pm on November 26th.